Access to Water and Sanitation

Veolia’s commitment to the public authorities is to ensure high-quality clean water and to guarantee a high level of service, tailored to each individual situation whether it is a highly urbanized, rural, coastal or mountain area.

Veolia has supported and lent its years of expertise in managing the complete water cycle and know-how on all aspects of water services to public authorities. Through outsourcing these services, the public authorities and the operating company are able to ensure the quality of drinking water and wastewater services provided to the citizen consumer. 

Veolia's primary responsibility is to produce drinking water and supply it to customers' homes.

Priority is therefore focused on the clean quality of the water to ensure the best possible water service, as expected by its municipal customers and consumers.

Veolia’s brief is to make water safe to drink. That is to ensure it complies with the health standards as defined by the World Health Organization, European Union, or by legislation passed in each individual country. At the same time, it must improve the taste for the greater satisfaction of the consumer.

As with water services, wastewater treatment service, otherwise known as sanitation, is the responsibility of elected officials and local authorities.

In industrialized countries this service, essential for public health, has seen numerous developments over the last century and a half.

However, it is a sector where improvements still need to be made for instance a tightening of standards in using or updating ageing facilities.

Aware of the potential problem that we risk by not renewing the "water capital", Veolia:


  • is introducing strategies for its customers aimed at better management of water abstraction whilst respecting the environment

  • is devoting time and resources to develope alternative resources

Aware of the chronic degradation to resources, Veolia provides on-the-ground assistance and awareness initiatives and also takes positive action:


  • By carrying out initiatives which record and monitor toxic elements in water resources

  • By helping local authorities maintain the quality of aquatic environments

  • Combating the risks of rainwater pollution

Veolia - number 1 in the area of wastewater recycling - has developed new treatment systems that guarantee the quality of the water produced is in line with the use intended for it by its clients.