History and Entities in Taiwan

For over 30 years, Veolia has deeply rooted itself in Taiwan, focusing on three major areas: water, waste, and energy management. Upholding the philosophy of "resource regeneration for endless vitality," the company is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the environment and the people of this land.

1992  Established Onyx TaHo Environmental Services: Managing nine waste resource recovery (incineration) plants and eight sewage treatment facilities, serving a population of nearly 7 million across various counties and cities, with an annual waste processing volume reaching 2.2 million tons.

2018  Established COWIN Environmental Services: In the Da Fa Industrial Zone in Kaohsiung marked a hazardous industrial waste treatment facility. It covers the disposal of general industrial waste, process industrial waste, and special industrial waste, with an annual clearance volume of 29,200 tons.

2019  Established Apollo Technology: Provide soil remediation and groundwater pollution removal services, encompassing site investigation and remediation, landfill closure and redevelopment, as well as environmental risk assessment and impact evaluation.

2020  Established Framosa: In the Guanyin Industrial Zone in Taoyuan. It operates as a pharmaceutical raw material recovery plant. This initiative aims to reduce corporate carbon emissions and promote wastewater reuse, with an annual processing capacity of 23,000 tons.

2022  Commitment to Ecological Transformation: Veolia merged with the Suez Group, expanding its global business scope and collaborating to lead the worldwide ecological transformation.
Veolia Water Technology also entered the Taiwanese market in the same year, assisting clients in reducing their carbon footprint and optimizing water usage, along with minimizing wastewater and waste output.