Our Leaders

Our Leader in Asia

  • Christophe MAQUET
    Senior Executive Vice President of Veolia Asia

    Since April 2021, Christophe MAQUET has been Senior Executive Vice President for Veolia's Asia region and a member of the Executive Committee of the world's leading environmental services group for ecological transformation.

    In this role, he is at the head of 8 countries providing the resources necessary for people’s well-being, the attractiveness of territories and the performance of businesses.

    From 2013 to 2019, he successively held the position of Veolia’s Director of Cooling Networks and Industrial Utilities for Asia and the Middle East, then that of Energy Business Line Director for Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, before being appointed Veolia Industrial Customer Director in Japan in 2017.

    In 2019 and before returning to Asia, Christophe MAQUET was the Executive Vice President for Veolia's Africa and Middle East region, leading 8,500 employees in some 15 countries.

    Christophe MAQUET joined Veolia in 2004 as financial controller of the Group's Energy activities.

    Born in 1978, he graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées.

Our Leaders in Taiwan

  • Luc ZELLER
    CEO of Veolia Taiwan

    Luc ZELLER is the CEO of Veolia Taiwan.

    Luc joined VEOLIA as a Financial Controller in 1983, two years after graduating from Emlyon Business School.  In his 40-year career journey with VEOLIA, Luc spent more than half of his professional life in Asia. 

    With years of experience in Finance, and to contribute towards the group’s needs, Luc began his new journey in business management. He primarily focused on establishing and developing the VEOLIA waste management activities in the facilitation of biodiversity targets; and he encouraged transversal collaboration in areas such as waste collection and street cleansing, Municipal  Waste to Energy and landfilling, soil remediation and Hazardous Waste treatment in Mainland China. 

    Luc regards Health and Safety very highly. He values all opportunities to endorse this topic and aspires to improve the working environment for employees.

  • Carrie LEE
    Government Affairs, Marketing and Communications Director of Veolia Taiwan

    Carrie LEE is the Government Affairs, Marketing and Communications Director of Veolia Taiwan.

    Carrie serves as the Director of  Govt. Affairs, Marketing and Communications, has been engaged in the waste management industry in Taiwan for over 13 years, gaining extensive market experience and establishing strong connections with the government.

    Carrie is also a Vice Chairwoman of French Chamber and Co-chair of European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) in southern Taiwan, she not only plays a crucial role in facilitating communication between the Chambers and the Taiwanese government but also serves as Veolia's representative in the Chambers.   

  • Ted WANG
    GM of Onyx Ta-Ho Environmental Services Co., Ltd

    Ted WANG is the general manager of Onyx Ta-Ho Environmental Services Co., Ltd..

    Ted joined the Veolia Group since 2007, led the team in dedicating efforts to optimize resource management and promote sustainable development.

    Under his leadership, the team has been committed to delivering high-quality services and innovative solutions in waste management, water management, and energy management for the government, businesses, and the public.

  • Gabriel DAVID
    CFO of Veolia Taiwan

    Gabriel DAVID is the CFO of Veolia Taiwan.

    Gabriel joined Veolia Hong Kong in 2010 and stayed at the headquarters for 12 years before joining the Taiwan team.

    Gabriel is full of enthusiasm for environmental services and is full of prospects for the future of joining Veolia Taiwan. He believes that finance is an extremely important part of the industry, fully supports the current business, and is committed to continuous development and Contribution.

    GM of FRAMOSA Co., Ltd.

    Elisabeth ZEBROWSKI-GIBEAULT is currently the general manager of FRAMOSA Co., Ltd. .

    Elisabeth Zebrowski joined Veolia in 2000 and worked in the Water Branch until 2010 in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. As General Manager of the first WWTP foreign private concession in China, she has participated in the recognition of Veolia's quality of services. 

    She continued working in the Beijing area with the Industrial Clients in the SINOPEC project of Yanshan as Operation Manager. As Technical Manager she has contributed to the monitoring of the Design Construction and start-up of the T-Park Wastewater Sludge incineration Project in Hong Kong, a unique site that reduces the waste to landfill and generates its electricity.
    Before joining Taiwan she was Assistant Project Manager for the extension of the SENT landfill in HK, and followed up the construction of the Gas Plant, leachate treatment plant, and the preparation of the cells, and delivered the project to the Hong Kong government on time and budget. 

    Since 2020 she has joined Veolia Taiwan as General Manager of the Framosa Joint Venture that will treat solvent as in product reuse of the main API producer in North Taiwan. 

  • Jyh-Sheng CHI
    Director of Business Development of Veolia Taiwan

    Jyh-Sheng CHI is the Director of Business Development for Veolia Taiwan.

    Jyh-Sheng joined Veolia in 2012 as Deputy Director for the North American region. As a catalyst for change, Jyh-Sheng has implemented measures such as cultural transformation and data analysis to help government departments save capital and operational costs. In 2016, he joined the Asian Business Development team and was assigned to Taiwan in 2019.

    Jyh-Sheng holds a Master's degree in Civil Engineering from Columbia University in New York and obtained project management professional certification in 2005.

  • Patrick PUEJEAN
    Technical Director of Veolia Taiwan

    Patrick PUEJEAN is the Technical Director of Veolia Taiwan.

    Patrick has been working for Veolia for 20 years, in particular in the energy business line. Before joining Veolia Taiwan's team, he has had the chance to share experiences with Veolia colleagues in France, UK, Poland and South Korea. 

    Patrick is a Civil Engineer with a major in Environment, has as well a diploma in "Law and International Management".

  • Anne KWANG
    Chairwoman of Apollo Technology Co., Ltd.

    Anne KWANG is currently the chairman of Apollo Tech, specialized in soil and groundwater remediation business. 

    Anne joined Veolia Taiwan since 1992.  Following the growth of Veolia in Great China, Anne has been involved in the MSW waste-to-energy incineration project, hazardous waste recovery and treatment project, oily sludge recovery project and soil/groundwater remediation project in Taiwan and different cities in China, and cumulated rich experience in plant set-up, construction management and operation management of general and hazardous waste treatment plant.

  • Yi-Chang KUO
    GM of Cowin Environmental Resources Limited

    Yi-Chang KUO, the General Manager of COWIN Environmental Resources Limited.

    Yi-Chang joined Veolia in 2022 as GM of the Dafa Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant- a consortium company which Veolia holds 29% of shares.

    Before joining Veolia, Yi-Chang worked in the MSW Waste to Energy field for 27 years and accumulated many experiences including construction, commissioning and O/M of WtE plants in Taiwan, China and Singapore.

  • Kamal DATI
    OHS Director & Security Coordinator of Veolia Taiwan

    Kamal DATI is the OHS Director & Security Coordinator of Veolia Taiwan.

    Kamal DATI joined Veolia in 1999 and worked in the industrial services Branch until 2008 in France, and worked in Beijing from 2007 to 2015 as Maintenance and Security Manager. 
    He continued working in the Beijing Office as Veolia Real Estate Director Asia.

    Since 2019 he has joined Veolia Taiwan as Security & Safety Manager.