French Chamber visited RenWu WTE plant

Veolia Taiwan had the honor of hosting a visit organized by the French Business Association in Taiwan for 20 prominent French companies. The esteemed guests, including industry giants like Airbus, Total Energies, EDF, L'Oreal, Credit Agricole, Pierre Fabre, Pernod Ricard, Sanofi, and others, were given a tour of our waste-to-energy facility in Renwu, Kaohsiung, operated by our joint venture TaHo. 🏭 ⚡

Our guests witnessed firsthand how we are transforming waste into a valuable energy source while upholding the highest environmental standards. Luc ZELLER ZELLER, CEO of Veolia Taiwan, believes such exchange fosters an understanding of our stakeholders’ #ESG goals and enables collaboration between Taiwan and France towards ecological transformation. 🤝

The visit was a huge success and in the meeting with the Kaohsiung City Government, the Mayor applauded TaHo’s outstanding performance at the Renwu facility, and the Director of the Environmental Protection Bureau also highlighted our Dafa Fly Ash Washing Recycling Plant as an exemplary case study of Kaohsiung's #CircularEconomy initiatives.

🌏 We are proud to be at the forefront of sustainable waste management solutions in Taiwan, contributing to #EcologicalTransformation and a more resource-efficient future for the region!