Cheng Ching Lake Drinking Water Plant

      Client: Taiwan Water Corporation

Design Capacity: 450,000 CMD

The Cheng Ching Lake Drinking Water Plant is located in Niaosong District, Kaohsiung City. This project is jointly undertaken with China Ecotek Corporation, providing operation and maintenance services for the Cheng Ching Lake Drinking Water Plant.

The water source for Cheng Ching Lake is derived from the extraction of water at the Mongli Pumping Station and Jiuqu Tang Pumping Station, as well as the diversion of river water from the upstream section of the Gaoping River at the Dashu Barrage. 

The water treatment process at the plant includes a pre-ozone contact tank, pulsating coagulation sedimentation tank, crystalline softening reaction tank, rapid sand filter tank, post-ozone contact tank, biological activated carbon filter bed, and disinfection units. It serves as a primary water source for the supply of water to the metropolitan Kaohsiung area.